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February 22, 2022 at 19:24 CST | Sponsored by CollarTrainer 

If your dogs are like mine, they are magicians when it comes to escaping from your yard. I have one dog that is a true escape artist. He loves to burrow under the fence, jump over the fence, or just plain push through the fence, and it drives me crazy. 

If you’ve got a dog like that, you need to ditch the short-term solutions that DON'T actually contain and teach your dog to stay within his boundaries. I'm talking about the chicken wires, large rocks. chain link fences, etc. You need a long-term solution that trains your dog about his boundaries while stopping his escapes. Short-term artificial solutions only work for so long and require time and effort. Before we look best containment fencing solution, let’s go over 2 common reasons why your furry friend might be trying to escape. 

They're Hunting After Prey

A lot of dogs will chase after burrowing animals and critters like small rodents or even insects. Some dogs have an extremely strong prey drive — beagles and dobermans are one example — and they will stop at nothing to get what they’re hunting. 

If they start digging in the wrong area, it can turn into a game of hide and seek before you know it. From my experience, it's not a fun game at all. I've had complaints from neighbors and after a while, it gets pretty annoying...

Your Dog’s Digging to Escape the Yard

A common reason your dog might be digging is to simply escape. This doesn’t mean he’s not happy at home, but he might see other dogs or animals outside the yard or he may just want to roam. 

Some male dogs have even been known to jump through a window to get to a female dog in heat. What’s more, 70-76% of dog bites are from unneutered males! That could be a real liability for you if your “intact” dog is escaping your yard. 

So what's the best solution that stops AND trains your best friend from escaping?

Solution: The Escape-Proof Dog Containment Fence from Collar Trainer©

The Collar Trainer company has created an incredible new wireless containment solution for dogs that helps stop even the most creative escapes.

The wireless fence includes the latest containment technology for 2022 which relieves all the worry regarding unreliability from other similar systems. It uses tone plus non-harmful static shock to help train dogs. It can be used by itself or with any existing fence you currently have.

This escape-proof wireless fence was made specifically for dogs that love to continuously dig and jump fences. It features a compact, portable transmitter and a durable, adjustable collar worn by your dog.

It teaches your dog about boundaries much quicker through reinforcement learning, much more cost-effective, and better alternative than traditional fencing.

Reliable and Effective Containment for Even the MOST Stubborn Dogs

What's amazing about this system is that it provides a unique combination of reliable containment and proper training that can help even the most stubborn of dogs to stop trying to escape fences. 

It offers a large circular coverage ranging from 81 to 1,640 feet in diameter, which makes it a perfect solution for any yard size. This allows you to create a fully customized virtual boundary around your yard.

When it comes to getting dogs to stop a behavior, training is everything. This is why the Collar Trainer Wireless Dog Fence's dual training mode makes it extra effective for stubborn dogs. Whether your dog only responds to sound or needs a shock to get their attention, this escape-proof fence makes it easy and affordable to stop your dogs from escaping.

Simple and Easy to Use

You don't have to be a professional contractor to set this system up. Within 1-2 hours, the whole fence can be set up and ready to use!

1. Charge both the transmitter and collar

What to Do: Charge both units for 3-4 hours for a full charge (lasts up to 10 hours). Next, find a spot outside near your dogs escape area and either place or mount the transmitter to the wall (mounting pieces included). 

To adjust the boundary size, simply press the + or - sign on the transmitter unit (100 adjustable levels!)

2. Visually show your dog his boundaries

What to Do: For the 1-2 weeks, use the fencing system while visually training him at the same time. This helps them visualize the boundaries they're supposed to stay inside of

Using treats as a reward during the training process has helped speed up the initial training time.

3. Use Fence When He Goes Outside

What to Do: Whenever your pooch goes out, simply put the durable, chew-proof collar on him and turn the transmitter on. This instantly creates the invisible boundary that makes escaping a dog thought of the past.

Once your dog has learned his boundary, you no longer need to put the collar on him during his outdoor adventures! 

The Benefits of this Best-Selling Dog Fence Go Beyond Escapes! 

The Wireless Dog Containment Fence™ from Collar Trainer is more than just a fencing solution for escaping dogs. With its compact and portable design, you can take it with you when going camping or vacation to set up an instant safe play area for your furry friend!

The best part is that anyone can use it. The design and functionality was created with the thought of everyday modern life.

  • Homeowners or Renters - An effective and easy fencing solution thats cost effective and doesn't require difficult installation. All you need is a power source! Give your dogs the freedom they've always wanted along with the peace of mind that you've wanted
  • Travelers and Campers - The compact portable design of our wireless dog fence allows you to create a safe boundary for your furry friend wherever you go
  • Cost-Friendly Owners - We understand that keeping your dog safe shouldn't break your bank. For just a fraction of the price of a traditional fence, you can keep your dogs safe anywhere without any additional components

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Stop using short-term fixes for escaping dogs. Get the #1 rated containment fence for escape artists for faster and better protection!

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